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3 CBD Products That Can Help Busy Moms Beat Stress

Running around tired, haggard, and insomniac after having kids? You are not alone. Most mothers experience this kind of exhaustion daily, the reason being the hyper-vigilance they have to assert while parenting their kids in this day and age. If you are a mother, you can totally relate to women who end up getting addicted to drugs, after trying them as “pick-me-ups”.

But you really do not have to!

Not when there is an organic alternative around.

If you are a mom low-on-energy and high-on-nerves, cannabidiol (CBD) might just be the thing for you. CBD is an extract from the hemp plant. No, it is definitely not weed! CBD is just a little – but extremely beneficial – compound present in the weed plant.

It has magical properties. People who try it actually vouch for it. It can calm your nerves, help you relax and actually sleep better. CBD does not get you “high” as it has no THC (the notorious weed content that actually gets you high in the first place).

Prepared to actually start a more blissful life and try some CBD, are you? Here are three of our recommendations that you ought to try at once.

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  1. Olani CBD Soft Gels

Olani’s high quality CBD Softgels are what will become your best friend once to try them. Made with technology that allows your body to absorb it more effectively, it can provide better results than other forms of CBD available in the market. The soft gels help you calm down, decrease anxiety and help your endocannabinoid system reduce inflammation.

If you are sleep deprived as all moms usually are (ugh!), we suggest that you try CBD soft gels with melatonin in them. In a review of studies, it was seen that melatonin improves sleep quality and can reduce the time to sleep by up to 7 minutes – and that’s a LOT for a busy mom!

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2. Olani CBD Oil Salves

Doing all the chores, picking up kids from school, doing laundry, and making meals EVERY SINGLE DAY can be hard on your muscles and joints. When at the end of the night you try to rest, it is likely that cramps all over your body start to bother you.

We have a solution for that too. You should try Olani’s CBD Oil Salves.

You can apply this topical solution rich in phytocannabinoid hemp oil, essential oils, and beeswax directly at the cramp. Its application supports and relaxes the muscles in a way that you will feel pain-free and refreshed overnight.

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3. Olani CBD Face Mask

Even though you are a super-tired mom, you do not want to hear every one say “you look tired” all the time. We have heard it all before and know the struggle of keeping your hands to yourself at such a time.

There is a simple and effective solution, where you do not have to resort to violence; our CBD Face Mask!

Full of CBD which is an antioxidant in nature and natural cellulose, this face mask can rejuvenate your skin and boost your body’s endocannabinoid system to help reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and even acne scars.

With CBD, you have to try it to believe it and we invite you to come join us in a world free of anxiety and feelings of tiredness. For more products, click here.


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