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5 Simple Stress Busters to Achieve Wiser Wellness

Highly Effective Quick Tips for Controlling Stress Levels

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The last few months have been very stressful for all of us. We want you to take a moment to realize that there is only so much that we can actually control. So when life keeps throwing those curve balls, one of the healthiest things you can do is control your reaction to it. According to a recent poll done by the Kaiser Family Foundation in April 2020, 45% (almost half) of the U.S. adults that participated, reported that they were negatively impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic out of worry and fear over the virus. Many topics can arise out of this information such as the effect of anxiety and stress on mental health, risk for depression and/or substance abuse related to social isolation, effects on one’s self-esteem over loss of a job, or even the effects of an extreme burdon/stress over not being able to provide adequately for their family. 

Today, we want to just take a moment to remind you that there are simple things that you can do for yourself to help control stress levels and keep things in perspective. If you are interested, the American Psychological Association has released an interesting poll on “Stress in America 2020”. “Stress in the Time of Covid-19, Volume One: Read more here:

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5 Simple Stress-busters to add to your routine:

Lately, many of us are feeling as though our tank is running on empty. Try these simple yet effective techniques to trasform your reaction into a healthier one: 


Take a deep breath

Yes, you’ve heard it 1000 times but it helps. Stop, close your eyes and take a nice deep breath in through your nose while counting to 10 in your head. Slowly release your breath through pursed lips. 


Exit Stage Right

Go for a brief walk. Even if it means walking away from your work. Believe it or not, a quick walk can help clear your mind almost immediately. It is more effective then you realize. 


Jump in the Shower

This falls in line with the almost immediate effects that a walk has on your mind. Go jump in a hot shower. Adjust the shower head into a firm or massage like flow if you are able. Stand or sit and just let the water run over the back of your neck and shoulders with eyes closed. Don’t focus on your regular shower routine, use this time to let the water replenish your mind as you let go of the stress down the drain. Actually visualize your stress dripping away. Simple yet powerful.


Turn on your favorite music

Literally put on some headphones and blast your favorite playlist. Find that song that channels your inner bad-ass! That one song that comes on the radio and no matter how hard you try, you can’t help but bust a move or belt the lyrics out loud! Seriously, this is almost instantaneous relief! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve transformed into my alter ego when my favorite tune comes on! 


Laugh out Loud

Take a few minutes to watch funny videos on social media or you can even google them from your phone. There are a ton of funny and very relatable memes out there right now that will actually have you laughing out loud. A good ole belly laugh is a total stress reliever. Especially if you can learn to laugh at yourself. We see you working your butt off, many from home while home schooling and trying to stay sane. You deserve to give yourself a break and try not to sweat the small stuff. 


How to control little things in your environment to keep stressors at a minimum:


1. Eliminate Clutter- Clutter clogs your mind. During stressful times, controlling little things in your environment will go a long way.

2. Wake up Early- Most people are more productive in the earlier hours of the day.

3. Make a list- If you have a lot of things hanging over your head, keeping a list can help you stay organized and minimize the amount of information that you are carrying on your shoulders.

4. Acknowledge and accept your challenges- Do not procrastinate. The longer you avoid your challenges, the heavier they become. Sometimes you can get backed into a corner, at which point you may become unable to get anything accomplished.

5. Drink plenty of water and have small nutritious snacks throughout the day- Often, we can get caught up in all the tasks of the day and forget to eat and drink. I’m sure you can relate to the instant aggressiveness that being “hangry” can cause.


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Most of us are multi-tasking right now in more ways than ever before. It’s normal to feel as though you are running on an empty tank. More importantly, use these tips to regain control, stay positive, and drastically reduce your reaction to rising stress levels. Keeping your stress at bay is something small you can do for yourself that can help in a big way. Practicing effective stress relievers will help calm your body, mind, and soul. 

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