Olani One You

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Olani One You

Olani Organics is more than just another hemp derived CBD oil line of products. We are real people who’ve discovered a way to reflect, rejuvenate, recharge, and ultimately redefine who we were as individuals. Our personal experiences began with trying different types of CBD products for our own personal reasons. But, what we found was the end result was the same no matter what led us on this journey in the first place. Please make no mistake. We are not saying that CBD is the “be all, end all”. What we’re saying is that we achieved internal balance, and a feeling of oneness. This meant something different to each one of us, but it provided feelings of happiness, clarity, motivation, and drive. So, the moral of the story is when you heart, body, mind, and soul are in check, you begin to heal thyself, refocus, and redefine who you are as an individual.

Our message is about you. Wherever you join us in life, through all of the craziness and stress that 2020 has brought upon us, we want you to remember that there is only one you. You can only do so much, take so much, and handle so much. Which is why we can’t sress enough that you must put yourself first. Most of us aren’t used to operating this way, we put others first. But, especially at this moment in time, under current environmental situations, we must embrace wellness and create an optimal healthy lifestyle. Just being healthy isn’t enough. Physical, mental, emotional, and social balance is key. If you feel your best, you have more to give to your spouse, significant other, partner, family, children, friends, pets, work, community, and our world.

Our main hashtag “OlaniOneYou” depicts the message of our brand. After all that you have endured, you deserve to focus on self-care, self-wellness, and self-love. Put your basic health and wellness needs first, embrace wellness in your everyday routine and rebalance your mind, body, and soul. Once you achieve homeostasis and a sense of rejuvenation you’ll find the ability to focus on the things that matter most to you in life. It’s quite liberating and so worth it. You only have one life. Idolize and nurture it. You will get out of it what you put into it. After all is said and done, “THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU”. 

Value your worth, achieve internal healing and balance, unlock your full potential, and just be the best version of yourself.

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Olani One Community

We are building the #olanionecommunity and will feature our customer’s photos, pets, family, friends, or whatever experiences you wish to share. Seeing your happiness and hearing your stories further motivates us to deliver high quality CBD products and services that you’ll benefit from even more. We have several new products coming soon, including a full spectrum CBD product line. We have customers that are in search of full spectrum CBD (which contains the legal limit of THC, 0.3% or less) and we strive to meet everyone’s needs. We’re also serious about delivering only the best and continue to set the bar in every aspect. Coming soon to our CBD oil collection will be a new and improved USDA certified organic oil. We simply serve as your connection to total body health & wellness.

Experience the CBD difference with us.

Your friends at Olani Organics~

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We are almost ready to launch Olani Organics!

It’s Almost Launch Time!


Well, it’s been all blood, sweat, and tears gearing up for such an exciting event. The launching of Olani Organics! Our hope is to successfully spread as much awareness about the wonders of CBD and help as many others as possible embrace this wonder of wellness too! We intend to give all that we have to our customers and create long lasting relationships of friendships and trust. Our friends, family, and customers mean the world to us and we can’t wait to share our premium collection with you and contribute to the health and wellness arena. We hope to provide you with a personal health and wellness journey as you discover and experience CBD for yourselves. Please be sure to always reach out and let us know how we are doing as we go along. We will always be open to suggestions and will remain flexible and fluid striving to not only meet but exceed your expectations!  In the meantime, please read this amazing article by projectcbd.org that will discuss CBD Myths & Misconceptions. Project CBD delivers incredibly informative CBD information and they are an outstanding resource. Read More…

Frequently Asked Questions…

Building our Brand~



Building our brand, Olani Organics, from the ground up has been quite challenging but at the same time….it has been the most exciting thing that we have done in a very long time! Three colleagues with lots of experience, knowledge, and a whole lot of laughs came together to experience this amazing journey~

We started on a whim after experiencing the dramatic changes that CBD had on our personal lives. That soon turned a dream into a reality. We really just dove in and started learning everything we could on our own. What we were experiencing and learning about cannabidiol and other cannabinoids was just too good to not share with our friends and families and potential new customers. Our foundation became helping to make a difference in people’s lives with natural health and wellness options. The foundation of Olani Organics was built on the principles of providing:

  • A clean, safe THC-free CBD Collection.
  • Excellent, caring customer service (all the way down to the way we package your orders for delivery).
  • Awareness and education of Cannabidiol and supporting its medical research.
  • Inspiration to others to take hold of their own personal health both physically and mentally.

We aim to become leaders in the industry providing a Fine CBD Collection that consists of Premium-Grade Quality Hemp Extract with powerful botanical benefits. We are health care professionals by day, so creating a quality THC-free CBD product line of salves, oils, creams, and more (to come ;)) was of the essence. For every ONE person we help to feel better enables us to see the mission of our company come to fruition. 

Are you ready to “Experience the CBD Difference”?