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Give Your Loved Ones (or Yourself) The Gift Of CBD On Valentine’s


It’s the second month of 2021 and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So far, we are off to a good start this year, so it will be a great idea to share some love and good vibes to the people that you care for. If you are thinking about giving some Valentine’s Day gifts to your significant other or even to yourself (because you deserve some love, too!), check out these CBD products that are great Valentine’s Day gifts.


CBD Oil Bath Bomb

Spend a more romantic and relaxed evening with your special someone as you enjoy a lovely bath using our luxurious CBD Oil Bath Bomb. Each bomb contains 25mg of CBD, organic coconut oil, cocoa seed butter and relaxing lavender oil. Get ready to give yourself and your skin some pampering as you soak in all of the goodness of this bath bomb. Each pack includes 4 bath bombs.


CBD Oil Body Lotion

For a partner that loves a smooth and soft skin, our CBD Oil Body Lotion is the ideal gift. This THC-free cream comes in an easy-pump bottle and contains a number of organic ingredients such as olive oil, glycerin, safflower oleosomes and organic leaf juice.


CBD Oil Face Mask

If your loved one enjoys spending time doing their beauty regimen, they will find our CBD Oil Face Mask an amazing beauty product. This face mask contains hemp oil that is rich in phytocannabinoid, as well as rosemary and black licorice extracts that are sure to leave skin more nourished, supple, and invigorated.


CBD Oil Salves

For a loved one who deserves some pampering and relaxation, the CBD Oil Salve is a great Valentine’s gift. This relaxing salve is great for moisturizing the skin and for massaging tired muscles, as it is quickly absorbed by the body for faster results. It contains phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, beeswax, organic lavender and eucalyptus, giving you or your partner a soothing, relaxing experience after every application. Available in 1oz or 2oz jars.


CBD Oil Gummies

Instead of the usual Valentine’s Day chocolate, why not change it up a bit and level up your sweets gift with the CBD Oil Gummies! Available in Green Apple or Strawberry Lemonade, these delicious gummies are 100% vegan and contain 10mg of CBD oil per serving. More than just deliciousness, take these gummies daily and boost your regular health regimen.



Check Out These CBD Product Bundles!

Aside from our individual CBD products, we also offer three amazing product bundles that are sure to give you and your loved ones a more enjoyable Valentine’s Day!


  • Evening Tranquility Bundle. Perfect for a relaxing and romantic evening with your partner! The Evening Tranquility Bundle contains: 
    • CBD Oil Bath Bombs
    • CBD Oil Softgels with Melatonin
    • CBD Oil body lotion
    • CBD Oil Face Mask


  • Restore and Recover Bundle. Take this special day as an opportunity to rest and refresh with your loved one with the Restore and Recover Bundle. This package contains:
    • CBD Oil Softgels with Curcumin
    • CBD Oil 500mg Salve
    • CBD Oil Face Mask


  • The Ultimate CBD Oil Beginner’s Bundle. Want your loved one to start experiencing the lovely benefits of CBD products? Then this beginner bundle is the perfect gift! The Ultimate CBD Oil Beginner’s Bundle includes:
    • CBD Oil Softgels
    • CBD Oil Body Lotion
    • CBD Oil Salve Stick
    • CBD Oil Face Mask 


Apart from showing your love and appreciation for your significant other during Valentine’s, it’s also important to take this day to give yourself some love. So be sure to check out these awesome CBD products that you can gift not just for your loved ones, but also for yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day from Olani Organics!

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