Free CBD Learning Seminar

Do you have a need or desire to hold a free CBD learning seminar at your place of business? Do you want to incorporate CBD Oil products into your existing business services? Perhaps you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD for yourself and/or your customers. Olani Organics will come to your place of business and hold a 1 hour free event and drop some knowledge to spread awareness about CBD, it’s potential benefits and so much more! (Presently, at this time, our Learning Seminars are on hold while we abide to Social Distancing guidance. Stay tuned for more info as the situation evolves. Stay Safe Everyone!)

Book your Seminar

Please indicate the date in which you would like to hold your seminars. Weekdays will be held in the evenings. Weekends can be anytime during the day or evening. We will send you a separate confimation email when your event has been booked and confirmed.

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