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What is a CBD Bath Bomb?


How to use a CBD Bath Bomb ~ CBD Product Education

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The Wonders of a CBD Bath Bomb~

There are many different ways that one can enjoy and benefit from using CBD infused products, and Olani Lavendar infused bath bombs is one of them. So what exactly is a CBD bath bomb? We’ll tell you…

CBD bath bombs fall into the topical category of consuming CBD or cannabidiol. They are intended to use in a nice hot bath as part of your evening relaxation routine. Simply remove the plastic wrapping, drop 1 bath bomb into a full tub of water and just melt away. With their light scent, Olani CBD bath bombs are infused with aromatic Lavender oil, organic coconut oil and cocoa seed butter which soothes your skin and promotes total relaxation to ease all of your stress, aches, and pains after a long day. The natural oils add softness and moisture to your skin, and the relaxing scent of lavendar has quite a calming effect that nurtures your mind and soul. From our experience, it is one that is almost too good believe. One powerful little bath bomb truly has the ability to transform the most stressful day into a tiny little memory. You haven’t had a total body rejuvenation until you’ve tried one of these bad boys 🙂

Why do people use CBD bath bombs? 

As mentioned above, a CBD bath bomb is just another way that one can consume their daily serving of CBD in addition to other consumption methods. Some of the reasons why people prefer CBD bath bombs over other types is because of the added benefit from cannabidiol itself. Some use them for added skin moisture, to soothe tired achy muscles or joints, or to help rejuvenate the skin and protect it from harsh external environmental factors. Because Olani Organics CBD Oil products are all broad spectrum and THC-free, you get all of the other beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids and compounds that are found in the hemp plant without feeling “high”.  CBD Bath bombs can be either stimulating or relaxing, it all depends on the person. We find them to be the perfect night-cap for unwinding letting go of the day and clear the mind therefore promoting a deep relaxing sleep for the night. 

How do I use my CBD bath bombs?

Olani Organics CBD bath bombs contain 4 bombs/pack, each containing 25mg. That’s 100mg of CBD per pack. Simply draw your hot bath, unpackage a CBD bath bomb, and drop it in. You will begin to feel it’s total relaxation effects in approximately 5-15 minutes. The next step is even easier….sit back, let go, and relax for about 30-45 minutes to experience it’s full results. We recommend that you do not rinse or shower off after your CBD bath in order for your skin to fully absorb the oils deep into the skin for maximum benefit. CBD bath bombs can be used daily, several times per week, or just weekly. They can be taken in addition to other forms of CBD Oil that you may already be using. They are completely safe and non-intoxicating. Feel free to work them into your regular routine, whatever that may be. Make no mistake though, they will become one of your new favorite ways to consume your regular dose of CBD if you’ve not tried them before. If you have been using CBD bath bombs but maybe just exploring different brands, we can assure you that you will love ours. Don’t let the strong results fool you, they are still extremely mild in scent and not over powering and your skin will feel great afterwards. If you are new to trying cannabidiol, CBD Oil bath bombs are a perfect way to broaden your horizons. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge for yourself, you will definitely be more than satisfied! Experience the CBD difference~

How to use a CBD Bath Bomb ~ CBD Product Education
How to use a CBD Bath Bomb ~ CBD Product Education
How to use a CBD Bath Bomb ~ CBD Product Education
How to use a CBD Bath Bomb ~ CBD Product Education


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How to use a CBD Bath Bomb ~ CBD Product Education

“I am truly blown away with the great quality products from Olani Organics. They have amazing customer service along with great packaging for my products when they’re delivered.”

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“The BEST Bath Bombs Around.”

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How to use a CBD Bath Bomb

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