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September 23, 2020

Feeling bogged down by your daily routine is enough to push one to the absolute limit. That is exactly how we were feeling prior to starting Olani Organics. We sought relief from the day to day work/family/life-balance stresses, anxieties, and daily aches and pains. Thankfully, we realized that it was time to acknowledge our existence as it was and discover how to make some lifestyle changes for the better. Call it a mid-life crises if you will, but we like to call it an awakening.

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Truthfully, we all have a story about CBD. Most people we know, including us, have had profound results and experiences with it. What’s different about Olani Organics, however, is that we want to empower and inspire you to achieve the lifestyle you most desire. Embracing wellness starts from deep within yourself. No matter where you are at in life or which struggles you are facing at this very moment you can conquer personal well-being. Physical health alone isn’t always enough. Health relates to physical, mental, and social well-being. Embracing wellness is a state of living a healthy lifestyle which actually aims to enhance your well-being. What makes you happy, strong, or confident? What are your desires and aspirations that spark life inside your soul and make you want to wake up each morning? You can accomplish anything when your mind, body, and soul feel good. No matter what, self-reflect and do whatever you need to do in order to rejuvenate, recharge, and redefine your wellness routine. Achieving balance will provide you with a feeling being recentered. Once this happens, even the impossible is possible!

Rejuvenate, Recharge, Redefine ~ Embrace Wellness

Redefine~”To re-examine or re-evaluate, especially with a view to change”.

Ahh, the feeling of motivation, that “I’m ready to face the world and do anything” feeling which quickly becomes just as overwhelming as everything else on your list. First things first; Forgive  yourself and be willing to let go of what is bogging you down. You don’t have to go through life carrying weight on your shoulders that keeps you from feeling happy and well. Start by taking inventory of your current situation. Be aware of your body, how it feels, and what areas need attention. Repair stress, aches, pains, and remove the toxicicty from your life. Focus on self care first so that you will have the energy and stamina to manage your responsibilities and do what’s most important to you.

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“To start again, revive, or restore energy, stamina, enthusiasm.” Refresh~

Dare to say “No” to the things that are draining your energy. Do something that makes you feel alive and gives you back your sense of worth. We have over-stretched ourselves with so many life obligations and continue to run day after day. By the end of the week, we are left feeling spent. Don’t feel guilty for doing something small for yourself which improves your mental health and well-being, instead of something that others need or expect you to do. Remove toxicity from your life. Toxicity is very different for each one of us, but, it’s what literally sucks the life-force out of you. Do reflect upon your own behavior, as well as other’s and avoid as much negativity as you can. You will be amazed at how much lighter you will feel. Personally, we realized our worth and the value that we could bring to others utilizing CBD. But, we didn’t realize that worth until we felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally. It really was this little compound called cannabidiol that changed everything for us. We were desperately seeking relief in every aspect of our lives. CBD provided that relief and so much more. After a few months, we discovered a feeling of total wellness again. Our consistency led to increased confidence and we developed even more clarity and vision. Not only did we feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally, there was no stopping our motivation, enthusiasm, and passion to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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Surely, we all know that we must meet our basic needs: Eat, Sleep, Rest. There are plenty of ways to make small changes and incorporate self-care into our lives. But if you are seriously seeking relief and really want to embrace wellness for all that it’s worth, try adding CBD oil products into your routine and see for yourself how powerful cannabinoids truly are. You will honestly thank us for it later. CBD and other cannabinoids work naturally within our body’s own endocannabinoid system. 

Rejuvenating, Recharging, and Redefining your life will mean something different to each one of us. What matters most is determining how you want to become the best version of yourself. Embracing wellness is a state of living a healthy lifestyle which aims to enhance your well-being. It’s more than “just being healthy”.  We discovered a natural way to support our needs and get us through life’s monotony and it was life changing.  Unlock the powerful benefits of CBD to support whatever your needs are and embrace wellness with Olani Organics. We just know you’ll love it here!

We’ve categorized our CBD Oil Collection into self-care needs and desires~

Balanced Wellness

Calmness and Relaxation

Relief and Recovery

Revive and Renew

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