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Restore and Recover Bundle


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Work hard but recover harder. Olani Restore and Recover bundles come with just the right CBD Oil necessities to get you back on track feeling comfortable and at peace with all your ailments! Each bundle contains a full size CBD Oil product of the following: CBD Oil Softgels with Curcumin, CBD Oil 500mg Salve, and a rejuvenating face mask because you also benefit from feeling well when your appearance is well!

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Softgels with Curcumin- A unique formula of CBD softgel and Curcumin.  Curcumin is the most active compound found in Turmeric and has many scientifically proven health benefits. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which has many benefits for the body. They are available in 25mg and contain phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, Curcuminoids, Polysorbate Emulsifiers, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Beta Caryophyllene, Bovine-Derived Gelatin, Glycerin, Sorbitol and Water.

CBD Oil Salve- 500mg- Your skin is the largest organ in your body and allows for quick absorption and fast effects. Our CBD Oil salve is effective as soon as the product is absorbed into the skin. Unlike oils, which must be metabolized inside the body, salves can be applied locally for rapid, pinpoint accuracy. Salves consist of a well-balanced combination of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, beeswax and aromatic essential oils that help soothe muscles and support skin health. Organic lavender and eucalyptus coupled with the benefits of CBD is truly an experience like no other.

CBD Oil Face Mask- Our CBD Face Mask leaves your skin feeling renewed, soft, and nourished. The face mask is infused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and other extracts such as Rosemary and black licorice supporting the skin’s ability to combat the effects of environmental and other stresses.


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Restore and Recover Bundle

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